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PlayStation 5 bundle deals

PlayStation bundles are very popular and PlayStation revealed that there will be two PS5 consoles to bundle games with, the standard PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition. Of course, there will be a big difference in the price. However, a dual device means Sony can keep one model at least in affordable price, while giving another PS5 fully-featured.

What will be the difference?
PlayStation 5 with Blu-ray disc playing is in anticipation to come as affordable. On the other hand, the PlayStaiton 5 Digital Edition will be disc-less showing performance parity. As there is the optical drive difference. Right now, predicting the PS5 Digital Edition to dip fewer to some magic number below $400 is a dream that cannot be true. In fact, the disc drive version itself may not come very cheap.

The PS5 price may vary in region and currency and will come to notice at launch prices. Whatever is the difference, there is a need to take it with a pinch or more of salt. The interesting side is that the release of PS5 is itself sending their fans into high spirits, that everyone is keen to see what the Holiday period brings.

Pre-order PS5
Sony invited the users of PlayStation to register for pre-order as the PS5s will be limited quantity coming out as launch. There will be no Online PlayStation ID. There is no clue on the number of invitations that Sony will allow. Try your luck, if you can get an email invite to place PS5 or the Digital Edition of PS5 to place order, and enjoy the PlayStation bundles coming with a handful of accessories and two wireless controllers.

Loyal customers of PlayStation bag a pre-order. In case you are ineligible to register, there will be pre-orders open from Sony at the launch time. The pre-orders are done and Sony is setting limits to purchase to ensure many people get to place PS5 early order.

Predicted increase in production
Issues in manufacturing is everywhere, but Sony managed it without any scratch. People have set their hearts on the PS5 first lot of consoles.

Sony had 5 million PlayStation 5 games in plan to produce by March 2021 end. However, there is an increase in gaming and now Sony will increase the production to meet double the earlier number, reaching to 10 million units. This will ease the pre-order panic.

PS5 fans keep your ear close for any news on PS5 pre-order notifications.

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