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Playstation 5 launch game list: All confirmed launch titles, exclusive and first-party PS5 games.

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Sony had backward compatibility issue with the PS4 as it did not go well with PS3 games. Fortunately, Playstation 5 games are coming clean revealing there will be more than PS4 4000 titles that anyone can immediately start playing with the launch of the system. This announcement has resulted in overwhelming majority of fans.

PS5 Launch Game Titles

The PS5 launch games announcement is not clear from Sony. However, there are a few games that will be available as Holiday 2020 release. The quick list includes:

  • Fornite – at launch
  • Astro’s Playroom– comes on PS5 as pre-loaded
  • Godfall– Holiday 2020
  • Outriders – Holiday 2020
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Holiday 2020
  • Bugsnax- Holiday 2020
  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla- Holiday 2020
  • Jett: The Far Shore- Holiday 2020
  • NBA 2K21– Fall 2020

There will be more launch games and PlayStation 5 accessories at the time of release dates. However, you can get a view of some of the new inclusions that is going to enliven your gaming time.

A sneak preview into the games

The Kena: Bridge of Spirits that is coming to PS5 is absolutely magical. It will have a beautiful world with fuzzy adorable creatures to act as spirit companions. They are known as Rot and will manipulate the environment. It is a story-driven action-adventure games that offers a fast-paced combat in the rich charming world that is full of exploration.

Bugsnax is another new adventure to the PS5 taking you to Snaktooth island that houses creatures that are half-snack and half-bug. You can see cute googly-eyes little creatures made from different foods, such as burgers, strawberries, and ribs. This island houses Bugsnax different species and biomes that you can enjoy a whimsical location uncovering mysteries. Get ready for a tasty adventure.

Gran Turismo Sport is already on PS4 and is a potential upcoming with PS5. Now it will have new haptic PS% controller capabilities to move from driving on the track and the dirt. GT Sport is certain to race around launch of PS5.

The Pathless is an adventure on the PS5. The PlayStation 5 accessories through the DualSense Controller lets you realize the worlds heartbeat, the tension of a bow drawing back, the wingbeats of higher soaring eagle and enjoy every inch of this game as the SSD card of PS5’s employ no load screens.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is an extra bite of the game that puts your underbelly of Seattle. As a vampire it may just be fine to test your new fangs. The vampire terrorism will get you trapped in the politics of vampire faction and you will try to deal a new way of life. There are player choices, branching dialogue options that is a strong narrative.

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